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DeerOperation ReBoot Outdoors offers professionally guided deer hunts from Central to Western Maine.  Our Deer Hunting Missions are typically 5-day hunts, due to the changing wind directions throughout the week.  Veterans, LEOs, and Service Members can plan on spending the day or the entire week, based lodging needs.  Through that time, they should expect to sit in a tree stand or a ground blind for up to six hours each day.  Our registered guides can drop participants off at the hunting locations or sit with the hunter, based on preferences and requirements.    Participants are expected to apply for an any-deer permit in zone 16, and our Guides will work hard to give participants an opportunity at a doe or buck, but as with any hunting experience, a harvest is not a guarantee.  Participants are required to have a State of Maine Big Game Hunting License, weather-appropriate hunting apparel, and a firearm.  Operation ReBoot Outdoors provides the guided hunt, food, and lodging if needed.

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